INSTANT CHALLENGE! – Change the World!

I’ve found the perfect way to finish off the year! The idea isn’t mine, but it’s so great that I had to jump in and play. Check it out…

From Lorelle on WordPress:
Blog a list of 30 things you can do in 30 seconds each to change the world.

You can click here to see Lorelle’s list from last year.

And click here to see the rules. (They are simple things like keeping your listings to things that can be done in thirty seconds or less.)

The basic idea is that even very small things, done on a global scale, can and will change the world for the better. Seriously! Do ideas get any better than this??

This was offered up as a blogging challenge, but I know that not all of my readers have blogs. If you do, by all means, blog your list. (Send me a link to the posting and I’ll put it up here!) If you don’t have a blog, or don’t want to blog your list, use the comments section of this post to share your list.

Here is my list:

  1. Write a note to someone telling them why you value them in your life and then send it.
  2. Write a gratitude list!
  3. Compliment a stranger.
  4. Hold the door open for someone with their hands full.
  5. Tip your server 25% (or more!).
  6. Jot an encouraging note to a company with whom you’ve just had a successful business exchange.
  7. Delete (do not forward!) chain letters that threaten “bad luck” or “no friends”.
  8. Give someone begging for handouts some healthy food.
  9. Take back someone else’s grocery cart.
  10. Give up your seat on the bus, whether a person looks like they need it or not.
  11. Talk to service providers as though they are dear friends.
  12. Make eye contact with the next person you say “thank you” to.
  13. Plant some flowers or a tree.
  14. Leave a lucky penny for someone else to find.
  15. Hand a five or ten dollar bill to someone you don’t know, wish them a happy day, and then walk away.
  16. Make a list of all the people you are angry with. Pick any one of them and forgive that person.
  17. Have a thirty second thought party.
  18. Say something nice… to Yourself!
  19. Leave a good book on a park bench for someone to pick up and take home.
  20. Tell your child something good or complimentary about the next person you see.
  21. Think of something funny and laugh out loud. In public.
  22. Wave to your neighbor when you see them drive by.
  23. Pick up all the trash in your general vicinity that you can in thirty seconds.
  24. Help someone load their car at the grocery store.
  25. Repeat #16 until you’ve gone through the whole list.
  26. Leave your pennies (and nickels, dimes and quarters too!) behind at the register for someone who might need them.
  27. Ask someone how they are doing and then really listen to the answer.
  28. Smile at a parent struggling to soothe a crying child in a public place.
  29. Write an encouraging note and leave it somewhere to be found by a random stranger.
  30. Say “I love you” at least fifteen times a day. (It only takes two seconds!)

You’ve been challenged! (And like all Instant Challenges on stacycats plus, it doesn’t matter when you read this. Consider yourself challenged right now, in your time!)

Let’s see your lists!

3 Responses to “INSTANT CHALLENGE! – Change the World!”

  1. crunchy Says:

    Oh those are great ones!!!!!

    Ok! I’m on it!!!

  2. crunchy Says:

    Ok, my list is up!

  3. stacy Says:

    Thank you Crunchy! You rock!!

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